Friday, 21 December 2007


The mornings have become cooler and misty…..the sun has shortened his daily visits by a few hours….he too prefers to have a cozy sleep under the star decked blankets of the night….in short the nature herself is in her wonderful winter gown. Another Christmas season has come…the very air is filled with the jingling of the Christmas bells…every child is in that dreamland….which consists of the Santa Claus with his snow white beard and bag full of gifts, the multicoloured twinkling stars, Christmas trees, cribs, cards….etc…But is there something missing…?? May b or may not be….however the eldest members of the family say so…They say the very spirit of Christmas is missing….
Today Christmas, like any other festival, has become an opportunity for shopping, eating, drinking and what not….a time to satisfy the material pleasures; is that the real sprit of Christmas??? It is impossible to think so…but who has the time to think?? So without thinking….by missing something or the other the so called modern and civilized man is leading his life…does this life has an origin or spirit or purpose….something yet to be discovered!!!!!

Monday, 17 December 2007


Visits to beaches have been very often…..but never had a chance to be a guest at that abode of beauty during the cool and shaded hours of night.So there is no wonder that the visit to Thalassery beach turned out to be a very very special one.The sea is that wonderful scene which will never bring to any sensitive mind even a single moment of boredom….it is ever new and ever fresh.At the beach, not a single ray of red from the sinking star was left to welcome us….but though we were late, our hostess-the sea- has had no complaint.She was so hospitable and received us with spreaded hands.The moments spent in the company of this charming hostess were very few… yet, they cling to the heart`s core so intensly.Each moment a new and fresh wave entertained us with its enigmatic tale….and then…. it broke up into a few handfuls of sugar and milk upon splashing onto those rocky chairs nearby.The tale brought by one of those waves is still alive in the memory…..the tale of those silver spangles which the wave carried with it all its way.Those silver spangles are the fallen stars…it was told,they once were the twinkling stars,the inmates of the vast blue above…but left that status on falling in love with this ever active ,lovely blue below…however those spangles were a real feast to our eyes and hearts…..the taste of which will remain evergreen on the pages of the mind`s account book forever and ever….!

Sunday, 2 December 2007


Dreams and Dreams and Dreams
Some recollections
Some ambitions
Some imaginations
But all are street lights.

Dreams and Dreams and Dreams
Some hint at past
Some hint at future
Some hint at timelessness
But all are traffic signals.

Dreams and Dreams and Dreams
Some render smiles
Some render tears
Some momentary escape
But all lead to the final destination.

Saturday, 6 October 2007


The mind
The creator
The destroyer
Creates bliss
Destroys peace

The mind
The judge
When smiles
Misery disappears
When complaints
Heaven fades

The mind
The battlefield
Attitudes fight
The winner reigns
The whole person.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

The life mostly seems not
As bright as diamonds,
It,sometimes,may be
As dark as night,but
Not the night comes,
Without the twinkling stars.


Companionship is sweet
But lonliness is sweeter,
For the minds with exuberant ideas
And for the tumultuous ones,
With thunderstorms and fury.
The mortal wounds on the immortal-
Are healed by this invisible presence.
The puny petals of the mind too,
Blooms with its engravings-
Of the great panorama of life.
How soothing is this friendship,
To be tasted and experienced,for
The ever conflicting modern minds!!

Friday, 15 June 2007


The most beautiful flower
Fades and withers away;
The sparkling silvery drops
And the morn`s mist
Vanishes ,when the Golden eye
Of the vast blue opens up;
The melodious musings of
The cuckoo,the pretty petals
Of the butterflies,everything
But the beauty of the setting sun,
Is squeezed and crushed by
The awesome hands of Time.
The splendour of the King`s chariot
With all its sundry hues.....
Of gold,silver and jade
His precious experiences, echoed
In the chirrupings of those
Retreating dancing birds,
Presents every eye and ear
A golden gift to be cherished
Forever and ever and ever.....!