Friday, 7 November 2008

The Seasons of Life

My wet feet proceeded
Leaving vague impressions
On the silky sand bank.
A sparkling eye reflected
The golden sun beams
Onto mine eyes;

Seeking for the source
They stumbled upon
A pebble smooth and soft,
A glassy stone blazing
Cherishing those moments
Joyful ere the quake;

Gleaming with mirth
In that pretty little box,
Of the charming sylvan girl
In a garb of memories;
The moments of fall
And the enchantment;

Rolling in the river,
In tune with its rhythm.
But the tide of bliss
Faded away like ripples
Created by its very fall;
And a new voyage began:

Of struggle and sorrow
Molding and mending
Stumbling and smoothening.
As it lies on the shore
Bathing in the sun proudly
Recollecting the unique moments,

I read from its gaze
The seasons of life!!