Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Finally that long awaited day had come…..we all were at the peak of anxiety and tension. It was the Kid’s day in my little cousin’s school. This was going to be his first performance on the stage and his item was the ‘monkey dance’. At the very moment we reached the auditorium his teacher gave us the bad news that everyone except our little one had got ready for the programme. After a moment’s thought, as the last trial, I was entrusted with the task of dressing him up and preparing him for the event. Uttering the names of all the saints in my knowledge, I entered the green room…..Oh!!!! the room was not only green but blue n red n yellow n …… it was a moment of real bewilderment..
The room was swarming with monkeys, trees, peacocks, cheetahs, tigers, parrots, sunflowers n what not…It was like entering a jungle…
But my little cousin….how would I find him out from this jungle…everyone was of the same size n their faces were painted in myriad colours…the childhood game of ‘hide n seek’ came to mind in all its ambience…..suddenly my eyes got struck on that very much familiar, naughty smile behind the pillar at the far end of the room.. in fact he saw me at the very moment I entered the room and was hiding…though he tried to slip away I caught him; but that was not enough…the most important and the most difficult part of my job was still remaining.
As soon as I took out the attire of the monkey he was missing again…but this time I got him rather easily with the aid of some other naughty monkeys who surrounded me with their bags of complaints. Then, after a fight of about half an hour…..n after giving him an whole lot of offers including choc bars, chocolates, kinder joys, outing etc etc I got my ‘little monkey’ ready with his long tail and the brown garb. Then yet another problem popped out…..my little monkey said that he would dance only on the stage on which they rehearsed. However, this problem too was solved for me by the other monkeys… and after playing ‘hide n seek’ for quite a large number of times we reached the side stage.

It was the time for the ‘monkey dance’….my little monkey too had entered the stage…and I got a place among the audience. All the little monkeys including mine began dancing in spite of the large audience watching their performance. It was the musical presentation of the ‘cap seller’s story’. The first part went on smoothly……but then suddenly I felt that something was wrong with my little monkey……Oooops…he had taken off his monkey cap….. I ran to the side stage n started asking him to put it on, along with the teachers there…but all our efforts turned out to be futile.. he continued in his ‘half monkey state’. It was the last part of the story where the monkeys had to throw the caps back at the cap seller n run out of the stage. But do u know what my little monkey had done???? He remained on the stage for a minute or two even after the others left ….and then, took back the cap he had thrown n ran out!!!!!
How is my little monkey???Bindaas..rt??

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

What the mind feels when the brain thinks!!!

The letters, words and sentences that are going to escape from this fingertip will present a great fight – a fight between the intellectual and the emotional; the mind and the brain. Yes, here is an attempt to draw the outline of that fight with the greatest symbols that man has ever discovered-the letters. The world of letters, if it was not there, the situation would have been really miserable.

This may be the saturation point for it seems impossible to withstand….to keep the eyes, the ears and the mouth shut. But they must be shut….and that is the necessity as well as the dilemma of the hour. Though some attempts have been made….the mind is not cooperating…it is not supporting the plans and plots of the brain which are rational but irrational; reasonable but unreasonable…The mind is so sincere…..so sensitive while the brain knows how to balance. If so, then where is the problem, one may ask…. The problem appears when the emotions rise above the intellect…

Questions and muddles are not new to man…They are alive ever since the creation of mankind….But in this complex and highly advanced world the questions also have become more and more complex. The fight here is over such a question - which is more important….which is right…..which is to be followed…..the mind or the brain??? The feelings or the thoughts??? But are these questions rational or do they have some answer?? The answer to all these are to be searched out from the greatest and the only real answer in the world – the life and its experiences…!

Saturday, 2 February 2008

A New Leaf….

Another leaf fresh and green is sprouting out…different eyes with different views look at it from different angles…some welcome this new life with music and party while some others don’t bother even to look at it; some encounter the new leaf with bags full of new resolutions…..But no party came my way….nor any resolution.......but there is a smile within…simple…unique and my own…

The Turning….

Aforementioned were the thoughts that nestled in the corners of a mind watching the new year...and now though that mind has traveled not much…it has reached a turning…such a turning, that is well equipped to snatch away that simple and unique thing it has….

A Smile….

A smile seems simple
A smile conquers hearts
A smile spreads light
A smile saves life
A smile defies sorrows

It is not easy for the mind to have on that robe of cheerfulness throughout the journey.......