Saturday, 20 December 2008

The Everlasting…!

The bells of bliss jingled,
The December night dwindled;
A smiling dew drop dangling,
From a leaf tip fresh and lovely
Shared silently the snowy season,
Its sweetness, through a sparkle;
It carried in its silvery soul
The memories of a night, silent
With its twinkling eyes and
Smiling face, and its cool breeze-
Pampered the droplet and dropped,
A blanket cozy and melodious on it.
The glittering eyes to it narrated,
The birth of the blessed child, whose
Eyes glowed as bright as a thousand-
Of them, to receive whom they gathered.
Slowly flowed to the nature’s bosom,
The golden streams of the day’s King;
And the cute little dew drop with its
Treasure chest, precious and eternal,
Of cherishable and memorable memories,
Disappeared into the thin air that-
Surrounded, to be born again and again
In the December nights to come!!!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

The most beautiful flower
Fades and withers away;
The sparkling silvery drops
And the morn`s mistVanishes ,
when the Golden eye
Of the vast blue opens up;
The melodious musings of
The cuckoo,the pretty petals
Of the butterflies,everything
But the beauty of the setting sun,
Is squeezed and crushed by
The awesome hands of Time.
The splendour of the King`s chariot
With all its sundry hues.....
Of gold,silver and jade
His precious experiences, echoed
In the chirrupings of those
Retreating dancing birds,
Presents every eye and ear
A golden gift to be cherished
Forever and ever and ever.....!