Sunday, 4 May 2008


Chinnu is a new comer in our family. When we saw her for the first time Chinnu was so upset…. She got frightened at the sight of any of us…. and always kept hiding under her sheet. In case someone removed the sheet, then she would hide her face with that pretty little tail. Though she ate little on those days, gradually she became more friendly. We bought her a new home and gave her a place in the balcony. As the days went on she became more smart and naughty. But one day, my little cousin opened Chinnu’s home…. Chinnu was so excited…she jumped out n began running around. We too set on our mission to catch her…but it wasn’t that easy…on one moment she would be at the fingertip but on the next under the sheet or paper or in some extreme corner where we wouldn’t reach.. ‘The chase’ continued for about half an hour and finally we managed to get hold of her using a basket. Oh! What a change has come over her within a few days…the old sweet n cute Chinnu has become so violent….her claws are sharper now(came to realize it when I got a scratch). However now we are on a new mission…the mission to tame Chinnu….so wish us gud luck!!! OOoopps…I forgot to mention something…Chinnu is neither a cat nor a bird…she is the great grandchild of the famous one who was stroked so warmly by none other than Lord Rama…and the mark (the two stripes) is there even on Chinnu…yes…Chinnu is our little squirrel!!