Saturday, 30 August 2008

The Birthday Gift

On my day of birth
I got a wonderful book,
As my first b’day gift.
It was light and lovely
Decked with ribbon and roses.
On each day I turned,
One of the golden leaves
Of that beautiful book;
Each leaf presented me
With a tale fresh and new.
If one rang the bells of joy
The other brought tears;
If one had flowers
The other had thorns.
Today too, I read through one,
And that taught me how-
To encounter darkness with
A smile sweet and simple.
Though I know not when
The last leaf will turn,
It is my ardent wish to read
More and more, hundreds
And thousands more
From that Book, the life,
Which was my Lord’s
Greatest gift for me !!!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

An Evening Flight

Once again there arrived
Those misty twilight hours,
To return, refresh and relax.
With my winged friends chirruping,
I too winged across, those
Transparent cloudy patches,
And the day’s eye, closing.
The cool breeze gave a stroke
And woke up the nestling night.
We flew and flew in unison;
Breathing in the beauty, of-
The moonlit and starry sky,
Of the wonderfully decked earth,
With a blinking eye on every leaf tip.
We flew and flew in tune with-
The music of the crickets; and
Saw far away a handful of fire
Taking off and soaring high.
We flew and flew in harmony;
Sharing the day’s stories,
Laughing at and teasing each other.
Finally when our eyes fell on,
The night’s blooming queens,
It was the end of that flight,
And the beginning of another,
Into a world of still unknown lands.