Saturday, 26 July 2008

The Split

Why should we split?
In a blooming flower
With it’s aptly placed,
Lively and lovely petals
We see the beauty of unity.

Why should we split?
In a closed fist
With it’s tightly held,
Five various fingers
We see the strength of unity.

Why should we split?
In a sweeping brush
With its well arranged,
Actively working bristles
We see the outcome of unity.

Why should we split?
In a music agape
With its various instruments,
Playing in tune with one another
We hear the song of unity.

Why should we split?
In a little plant
With its slimy stem
And leaves and flowers
We see the life-giving unity.

Why should we split?
In all happy families
With a loving father and mother,
Naughty brothers and sisters
We see the joyful unity.

Why should we split?
If unity creates beauty
And strength and joy
And a lovely life….
Why should we split?

Thursday, 24 July 2008

The Golden Blessings

Memories are golden,
Said my friend;
Forgetting is a blessing,
Refuted another.

If memories are golden,
Why do they bring tears?
If forgetting is a blessing,
Why does it bring punishments?

Memories are golden
For they render wings
To soar into the past,
Into those cherished moments.

Forgetting is a blessing
For it puts a veil
Over those dark moments,
That bruised the heart.

Memories are golden
And forgetting, a blessing
For without these two,
The life is but a wingless bird!!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The Morning’s Minion

The day’s Prince woke up;
Into the morning’s minion,
Into a dazzling dew drop
I turned, and fell asleep on
A puny leaf, fresh and green.
Pampered was I by its
Silky smoothness; but pushed
Me down the naughty breeze,
I rolled and rolled with
The whole universe within
And fell on a pretty little flower,
With its petals soft and red.
Burned within, amid this comfort
My love for my handsome Prince
Bright and blazing, who then,
Embraced me and I became
His fair cloudy companion;
Then fell on my ears a knock,
Bidding a very good morning!

Saturday, 5 July 2008

The greatest canvas!

From dawn to dusk
From dusk to dawn,
The endless canvas presents
The myriad pictures,
The ever new forms;
The sparkling sugar bits
Of misty mornings,
The silvery scraps scattered,
From the fair cloudy patches;
The sunny blues and
The gloomy grays…
The variegated bow and monsoon’s
Sudden splashes of violent light;
The orange-red and golden
Embellishing the twilight hours,
Bidding a hearty farewell
To the gorgeous apple of day;
The silent night’s silver sickle
With its twinkling friends…
Wonderful is the greatest canvas,
By the greatest Artist!!!