Friday, 26 September 2008

The Rainbow

The beauty and charm
Of the variegated bow
Made the gleaming veil
Of the smiling dreams
Fall over the eyes of
The pretty little girl.

The bow turned into
A cute smile and lighted
Her face in varying hues;
She flew through worlds
Unknown and known
With her anew wings.

“Oh! Little darling!”
She heard her mother
And the bow was gone.
No more colours and
No more glitters but
Back to the old self.

“Dreams mean work”
Chanted her mother.
Her eyes sparkled
And then on, saw the bow
Every moment in life,
Though the veil vanished!

Friday, 19 September 2008

Through My Classroom Window……..

On a day fine and sunny,
The bell rang, initiating
An unexpected rain and
The ever expected class;
While I was attempting
To put together my two-
Cleft halves, one so curious
To listen and learn and
The other so eager to make
The ringing melodies outside
A part of its own being,
My teacher spoke at length
About the cleaving of the text-
Into pieces and analyzing.
When there occurred a debate
Negating the presence of meaning
I was seeking a deeper one
In the nature’s sound and fury.
And when asked a question,
One half of mine uttered something
That the other couldn’t grasp.
Suddenly the bell rang again
And all my thoughts rained down,
Forming pools of varying shapes,
Of letters, words and phrases.