Friday, 7 November 2008

The Seasons of Life

My wet feet proceeded
Leaving vague impressions
On the silky sand bank.
A sparkling eye reflected
The golden sun beams
Onto mine eyes;

Seeking for the source
They stumbled upon
A pebble smooth and soft,
A glassy stone blazing
Cherishing those moments
Joyful ere the quake;

Gleaming with mirth
In that pretty little box,
Of the charming sylvan girl
In a garb of memories;
The moments of fall
And the enchantment;

Rolling in the river,
In tune with its rhythm.
But the tide of bliss
Faded away like ripples
Created by its very fall;
And a new voyage began:

Of struggle and sorrow
Molding and mending
Stumbling and smoothening.
As it lies on the shore
Bathing in the sun proudly
Recollecting the unique moments,

I read from its gaze
The seasons of life!!


Nirenjan.A.S said...

Picturesquely used language...The pebble can be symbolic to One's
self or any object that is lost in the nostalgic moments of past seasons of life.
But the seasons could ve been more...may b u could ve expressed the four of them..
The transition of moods or lifz course is what i find often in poetess' works...
Its well written but missing something....Ending is brilliant ...

Merin said...

thanku fr ur observation....n abt the four seasons...i've just made an attempt to present it in a diffrnt way...but wsnt so successful... thanx again!!!