Sunday, 7 December 2008

The most beautiful flower
Fades and withers away;
The sparkling silvery drops
And the morn`s mistVanishes ,
when the Golden eye
Of the vast blue opens up;
The melodious musings of
The cuckoo,the pretty petals
Of the butterflies,everything
But the beauty of the setting sun,
Is squeezed and crushed by
The awesome hands of Time.
The splendour of the King`s chariot
With all its sundry hues.....
Of gold,silver and jade
His precious experiences, echoed
In the chirrupings of those
Retreating dancing birds,
Presents every eye and ear
A golden gift to be cherished
Forever and ever and ever.....!


Nirenjan.A.S said...

There could have been a better title given to the whole experience of visualizing and conceptualising the withering and Waning of God's beautiful creations with the 'highlighted' splendour of the rising Sun.As a reader i felt there z a logical flaw to the poem as a whole.
"Golden Eye of the vast blue" is too beautiful a usage.The last line turned out to be a cliche' from which many budding writes including myself is unable to escape from.Now as a person who likes reading Merin's poems,i would like to say that u can craft much better poems.unveil the potential....

Merin said...

Thanku nirenjan fr this encouraging comment....actually this poem is a repetition in ma blog...this ws my first post in the blog n one f ma earlier poems...hwevr am sad abt the fact that i couldnt convey my ideas effectively thru this poem coz i ws trying to put across the beauty f setting sun...n the reader understood it as the rising sun...!!