Friday, 20 March 2009

The rays

The door opened;
Streams of rays
Dashed out incessantly;
Penetrating through-
And through, a ray
Reached her,
The very old sheen.

The commencement
Of transfigurations…

The ray radiant
Fell into her eyes,
Forming a single twinkle;
That became,
The corner star
Of the then created
Milky Way,
Stunningly luminous.

Keep ajar the heart
To emit the rays of joy!

1 comment:

Nirenjan.A.S said...

Change in words put in use."Her" sheen rejuvenates..forever,it should.
A lost star somewhere from the Milky way...trying to find its way back? :)
Let it not ! for one's own transfigurations can create a whole world of heavenly bliss around...Excellent one !!!

Keep writing....